Classes for the RCCAR Season:

F103GT Chassis:  Courage body only. Any tires, rubber or foam.  Any Stock 27T Motor or Brushless 17.5 motor.  Lipo Batteries are ok.

Electric Touring Car:  190mm, Rubber tires only.  17.5/stock, 13.5/19T, and Open are the Brushless/brushes class equivalents.   17.5/stock is intended as a beginning class.

Formula 1:  (Open)  Any tires, any motor, any 1/10th chassis that resembles an open wheel Formula 1 car.

Mini Cooper:  17.5/Stock Motor

Nitro Touring Car: 200mm.  Any Tires.  Not to exceed .12 3-port engines only.  Sedan Type bodies only, (no Lola type bodies)   Sportsman and Expert Classes.

Rally: 190mm Tamiya Chassis and Rally tires.  Stock Silvercan or 20T Traxxas Stinger.  Any Tamiya Options intended for the car are permissible.  No dish rims