Points Rules

Points series: 


 The year begins with a non-points race in March. The points season always begins in April, one race each month on the first Sunday of the month, through the month of August.  Awards are issued the following race, in September.  There will be one throw-out calculated in the points,which are as follows;

1st 60 points

2nd 58 points

3rd 57 points

4th 56 points

5th 55 points

6th 54 points

7th 53 points

8th 52 points

9th 51 points

10th 50 and so on.

The winner of the B main will not get more points than last in the A. There will also be 1 TQ point awarded. Silver Bowls will be awarded to the winners and Plaques to 2nd and 3rd in each points scoring classs. You must have 200 points at the completion of the series to be eligible to receive an award. Awards will be presented at the drivers meeting of the next club race.